MorphiuM are presenting their 3rd album in La Mirona on Friday the 9th of December.

The blackout is their new work; This album has taken them to play in Countries like China and has been recognised by the specialized media as one of best releases of 2016 recieving 10 out of 10 punctuation

” A 10 out of 10 album, I can’t find words to deny this. A masterpiece” Trueno metálico.

They will be playing a brand new show in La Mirona in this festival format concert. A free entry event which will include 6 metal bands from all the spanish state.

Confirmed groups in THE BLACKOUT FEST are:
Hyde Abbey, Olvido, Donuts hole, Romanthica y Shouting Last

An event sponsored by Pins and Needles Tattoo & Moby Disk Records with the collaboration of Voodoo Rock Pub, Xantar Bar, Airbrush Rocayats y Nati Estètica, Nutrició i Salut



After playing 12 days in China playing almost everyday. The Country has been travelled from North to South with the presentation of The Blackout, the new album.

After more than 6.500 km travelled through China between flights and tour bus the show was turned into the drug for the Chinese people’s ears who wanted to listen to the new sound and live the intense experience that MORPHIUM have turned their show into.

City after city their concerts were turned into collective craziness, as only artist of the events without any supporters filling big venues with insane crowds willing to crack their necks.

“It all began when we got to Beijing airport on the 9th of June 2016 where our tour manager was waiting for us, Wang Qiuyin.

The bus took us directly to the venue Party live in Tianjin?¿?, without resting that same day we had to play, this is when we realized what we were in for.

The tour days went passing by and our exhaustion was increasing. Lots of kilometres and very few hours of sleep, but still we had a big smile on our faces. The good results and the well functioning of the team made us feel we could take anything. We were succeeding in China and the tour members were working with us forming the perfect mix.

We played the songs of the new album like there was no tomorrow, we’ve left our souls out there on the stage and all those people have been drenched with our essence turning every event into a ritual, something difficult to forget for them as for us.

We were infecting each other with energy, adrenaline and craziness. This was what fed us and got us to the next show.”



MorphiuM China Tour day of

Chin Tour MorphiuM Guiyang